My Lockdown Experience

The present covid19 pandemic has taught a lot of things to each one of us living in our respective countries. No matter in what part of the globe we are, we all are dealing with the same situation at the moment. There are numerous things that we all have learned during these trying times.

If I go on to share my experience during these lockdown times the most important lesson that I have learned is that you have to be patient if you want to be at peace and happy during these trying times. In this context, patience means a certain calm that we need to maintain and we have to accept the fact that during certain times things will happen in a different way than we imagined them to be. Again this doesn’t mean that we don’t progress, we have to take up these days as it comes and keeping on moving with the flow.

Another very important thing that this lockdown has taught me, you should never things for granted. We should not even people for granted. We should first understand that even the smallest and even the least important thing in our life we get is from somebody’s hard work. Hence, we should always respect and value every job done by every individual including our family and never degrade anything as there’s hard work behind everything in every form. Since these are all trying times we need to co-operate with each other in all aspects and fight this war against coronavirus only by staying home. Stay home, stay safe.

Abhishree Bhagwate
SY-BAF, Roll No:4