Principal’s Message

I/C Principal’s Message

Dr. CA. Kishore .S. Peshori

Department of Accountancy

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….”  These words of Charles Dickens in the opening of his novel, A tale of two cities written in the 18thcentury, strangely remind us of the present times we are living in. As we all struggle to cope up with the challenges posed by this world wide pandemic, the education sector also had to find new ways of working out our way to solve our problems and move ahead. It has always been the aim of our College to kindle intellectual curiosity among students and to motivate them to attain academic excellence. It is also the endeavour of our HSNC Board to be at the forefront of human knowledge and work towards the fulfilment of cultural, scientific, intellectual and humane needs of society in general and students in particular. Therefore, we, as a college have tried very hard to give our best to our students during this lockdown period.

Smt. MMK College of Commerce and Economics was established by H(S)NC Board in the year 1961. The college is a premier institution in the city of Mumbai, providing excellence in education at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the fields of Commerce and Economics, with specialization in Accountancy, Management, International Business and other emerging areas. The college has a range of programme options and courses relevant to the local needs and in tune with the emerging national and global trends. Professionalization of higher education is a daily practice at the College and it has been our constant endeavour to prepare future graduates and postgraduates for global challenges who could make a meaningful difference in the society. The college has also started a research centre to provide doctoral degree in Commerce- Business Policy and Administration.

It has been reaccredited with “A” grade by NAAC in the third cycle in May 2017. The institution with around 4,500 students on roll, has made rapid strides in diverse fields and grown from being only an undergraduate college providing education up to doctoral level. 

The college believes in personality development by incorporating values and life skills. We strive to impart education which suits the needs of business and industry, where fulfilling social responsibility is being increasingly recognized as crucial for the progress of society. With this aim, we have been undertaking outreach activities through NSS and various field activities organized by both regular and self financing courses. Our ultimate aim is the holistic development of students where we strive to kindle intellectual curiosity in them, motivate them to achieve academic excellence, imbibe positive and healthy values capable of working harmoniously in teamwork and adjusting to the ever-changing environment.

Last year, our college had the privilege of hosting a mega event, i.e. the XXVII HSNC Board’s International Economics Convention–2019 from December 12th to December14th 2019. The college also launched its first volume of our e- journal, ACE, where academicians and students are given a platform to publish their research articles.

We also organized a 6 days Short Term Course on E-Filling and Governance under RUSA for the period 18th December 2019 to 24th December 2019. Another feather in our cap was added with the Inauguration of Accountancy Museum which was the first of its kind in any college in Mumbai. We had two new cultural festivals this year Enthusia and Funkiria, where our students themselves played an active role in organising them.

Through the NSS, some unique initiatives were taken like providing Flood relief to various districts in Maharashtra, Collection of Bisleri bottles and training of Students as Heart Marshalls to render help in emergency.

MMK has always boasted of its Sports activities, with many good sportsmen and women emerging in football and other Sports. Our football and Chess tournaments are especially popular events which students look forward to every year.

The journey to progress and quality improvement of an institution is a slow and steady process. Every benchmark and milestone achieved is the fruit of the labour of the College administration and many stakeholders and the team effort that is put in .We are truly grateful to everyone, especially our HSNC board Management and Trustees who have been our constant pillars of support.  With our new motto of Atmanirbhar MMK, we continue our journey together towards paving the path for quality enhancement and sustenance to provide a better future for the generations to come.

At this juncture, I seek the support and partnership of all our stake holders, especially our parents and students as we move into the new era of online education. In the words of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam,

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and “The purpose of education is to make good human beings with skills and expertise”. I believe that together, we can achieve this goal of nurturing our students to become good human beings and better citizens of tomorrow.