Enthusia – Inter collegiate festival

A festival is what may be referred to as a day or period of celebrations or gala typically to mark an occasion, and ‘Enthusia ’was the revelry of the consolidation of two prominent cultural festivals ‘Lakshya’ and ‘Consortium’ had previously established a legacy among the eminent colleges in the city and now it is time for the dawn of a new legacy to be created. Enthusia’ as the name suggests, sparks the enthusiasm of the youth and their constant effort to achieve excellence in various fields both academic and extra-curricular. As a festival Enthusia made sure to give a fair platform to all these students to show cases the diversity and richness in the talents of the youth. This festival was not just a celebration of culture and knowledge but also sentiments of a team striving tirelessly to materialize the dream and notion of the students and faculty of ‘Smt. Mithibai Motiram Kundnani College of Commerce and Economics’.

The festival was a three day celebration on the 22, 23 and 24th of January, 2020. A total of nine colleges participated in the inaugural edition of Enthusia. There were a total of ‘25’ events spread across the course of the three days divided in to several categories namely Fine Arts, Performing Arts,Literary Arts, Informals and Corporate Events .All departments working
For Team Enthusia contributed substantially towards the festival’s imminent success.

DAY 1 :
The festival was the result of months’ worth of preparations made by the Core committee and the constant care and support by the college faculty. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, the festival was kicked off with an inauguration ceremony where the teaching staff was felicitated for their contributions. The first event was ‘Game of Tunes’ a singing competition that tested the prowess and melody of the participating students. The Flagship literary event for the day was ‘Just A Minute’ and was hosted by Asia’s leading J.A.M. Master Hormuz Ragina. The other events included popular ESports, PuBG and FIFA that engaged a lot of gamers from across the city. Events like get messy; tee paint and Koi Jugaad Lagao were fine arts based events that helped in showcasing the creativity of the participating contingents. The festival was based on a ‘retro’ and ‘nostalgic’ theme according to which the college was decorated and events were based around. The games on the first day were highly engaging and amusing. The festival Also amassed a footfall of around 400-450 students on the first day itself.

DAY 2 :
The second day of the festival managed to keep up with the high tempo Set on the first day due to the excellence and sheer dedication of the Organizing committee. The participating colleges also tried to step up with their performances as the competition grew fiercer among the contenders. The day started off with a few recreational games namely ‘Dogand the bone’ and ‘Ludo’ that were based on the classic nostalgic games. Some other events like ‘Deal No Deal’ Lawman’ and ‘Contradictory’ were Intellect-driven for students that excel in academics. The main event on the 2nd Day of the festival was ‘Mr. and Ms. Enthusia’, An event that saw students from the colleges coming and displaying their diversity in talents. Colleges proved the cut throat competition with the help of unique chants ,creative banners and posters and using musical instruments to cheer for the participants .An elite competitive atmosphere surrounded the festival as both the organizing committee as well as the participating contingents prepared for the ‘Cultural Day’ on the 24th of January.

 DAY 3 :
The final day of the festival had arrived. It was time for the months of efforts taken by everyone involved to finally payoff. Termed as the ‘Cultural Day’, the event took place in the auditorium at R.D. National College, Bandra. Fashion show, solo and duet songs and dance were some of the events. Divya Khosla Kumar and Aalaya Funiturewala gave their special appearance during the event.

Team Cultural:
Dr. Vishal R Tomar- Cultural Head
Mr.Satyapraksh Pandey
Ms.Prajakta Paralkar
Mr. Nitin Parab
Ms Aparna Dubey
Ms. Pallavi Belhekar