My Lockdown Experience

If someone had told me six months ago, that this is how our lives were going to be, I wouldn’t have believed it. Staying at home for months to fight against a virus, might have been the last thing anyone would have thought of. Luckily, it turned out to be a boon for me. I got the opportunity to learn things, to hear stories & explore a world outside our screens. And for this, I’ll be grateful forever. These times felt like those vacations which we always wanted but couldn’t take out the time for, yet here we were forced to stay at home.

My family & I got together to plan ways to spend this time and we did a lot of things together- we cooked & baked, shot videos, drew & painted, danced, watched movies & shows, helped out each other with things, caught up with old friends and relatives, shared our stories for the parts of each others’ lives that we had missed out on. We also stitched masks for the ones in need. This lockdown has brought me closer to my family & got me thinking what is the point of living a life where you’re constantly living your life by a clock? What is this hurry of rushing through a life where you don’t even have the time for yourself and your loved ones? You shouldn’t just live a life, you should LIVE a life!