Date: 16th Dec. 2020
Time: 10:10 PM

Dear SYBCOM students,

Our exam finished at 1:20 PM. All students who faced technical issues and genuinely were not able to complete the paper need to follow the proper procedure of sending mail with all details and evidence to After ascertaining their genuine issues they will be allowed a retest.

Semester-3 Exams of SYBCOM-SFC are scheduled from 10:00 am and SYBCOM-Traditional are scheduled from 12:00 PM only. There shall be no change or extension in the timings without intimating students well in advance.

Do not worry. Students who gave exams after the official deadline will not be considered under any circumstances.

It has come to our notice and we have received complaints from technical support team that some students have used improper language while talking with support staff. The cognisance has been noted and the college has asked for the recording of the conversation. Strict disciplinary action would be initiated against such students.

Important Note: Circulating the screenshot of questions of exam is illegal and students who are indulging in the same are in serious trouble. Severe action would be initiated.

We would like to inform again that in case of technical difficulties please follow the procedure mentioned in the examination notice uploaded on the college website.

Follow all the instructions diligently and appear the e bexams in sincere and fair manner.

Dr. CA. Kishore .S. Peshori
I/C Principal