Quarantine- The New Daily Routine

There is often asked question on ‘How quarantine is treating you?’
For me, this quarantine was a huge advantage in learning and sharpening my skills. Bonding with my family and sibling, knowing them even better. Rest from a hectic schedule and full of amazing home experience.

Why did I call it an advantage?
For me, these days have been an important part of life lessons, where I could understand the system and things that go around us. Each new day, I got something to learn from. From cooking a full-fledged meal to the side dish, to desserts, from normal stitching to embroidery, from photography to proper backdrop photoshoots, I have learned and successfully done major things which were not possible for me to achieve during day to day busy life. There were so many books to read but so little time, I have got plenty on my to be read the list and have already completed 4 books! And the reading book is traveling into an entirely different world which is enjoyable. Surely I have started taking care of my skin, hygiene and body, I have started working on my habits, reading the newspaper, articles on what is happening around in the globe, trying to keep my self updated with daily feeds. This quarantine has helped me get rid of my phone and invest more time in board and card games. This quarantine has changed me positively.