My Lockdown Experience

So here’s what I experienced in lockdown…

Very first, the time I got to spend with family was precious. Before lockdown I use to go to college to meet different people and then deal with them. But for the very first time, I just worked with my family. The household chores are depressing, but later it turned into fun. It was for the first time I heard a word as lockdown in my city or my own country, before the pandemic I never knew what can a lockdown be.

In initial days lockdown was boring and depressing, away from a normal routine, but now this is normal life has turned to. I got plenty of free time to practice my hobby, follow my passion. So as far as my passion is concerned I am passionate about cooking new dishes and trying out new recipes. Baking is what I love the most and I did that so many times the way in wanted to always do but I couldn’t do before, because I was so busy in normal lifestyle that I forgot to practice what I loved. This time gave me a good experience of life. The most memorable experience of life. Going out is not the only solution to do things and enjoy life, life can be enjoyed in the 4 walls of our houses, we just need to find that bits and pieces of happiness around us in every situation. But yeah I do miss my normal lifestyle, and I would surely hope to get back at it soon, but now I will wish to follow my passion and my regular lifestyle simultaneously with all the joy.

This time gave me new experiences which I will never forget…

Qasim Fidvi