My Lockdown Experience

My lockdown experience at the start of the month was very enthusiastic. From playing games with my family to binge-watching movies and series it was amazing. As days passed by I started getting bored by the daily routine. There came in days and weeks which I wasted. I wanted to make myself productive and keep myself busy by doing some work. Considering my career, I took a few online courses to upgrade my skills and develop new ideas. I also did some internships.

For many of us, the coronavirus crisis has triggered some unfamiliar emotions and made others feel more intense. Between the chaos and the struggle of not knowing what more I can do my friend introduced me to a beautiful practice of Nichiren Buddhism, considering my health issues in June; I felt ill. I was under strict medication for almost a month I started with my journey in this practice which helped me a lot. I started my Art page on Instagram during this lockdown. As a self-taught artist. I’m learning new skills and techniques, brainstorming ideas to develop and upgrade my art page. The worldwide lockdown might be getting us down in the short term, but if we use this time to evaluate

what we have, we might come out positively. Stay Safe; Stay Well.

Meghna Solanki
FY.BMS, Div. B