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Traditionally is referred as Degree’s will now be referred to as PROGRAMS.

B.Com program (Degree Course) of three years duration is divided into six terms of approx 6 months duration called semester i.e. from Sem I to Sem VI, two semesters per year.

Smt. MMK College of Commerce and Economics was established in the year 1961 with its B.COM (Bachelor of Commerce) degree course. Till date, for over 50 years the college imparts education from 1st year junior college of commerce right up to Master of Commerce degree.

With six divisions of the course, our college conducts graduate degree of commerce (B.COM) program with specialization in business management under the guidelines of university of Mumbai.

The following are the distinctive features of our college B.COM program:-

  • Innovative teaching

  • First hand and practical approach

  • Seminars and workshops related to syllabus content

  • Well qualified faculty

  • Easy access to supplementary academic resources


F. Y. B. Com (sem I and sem II )

1:1    Commerce – I and II
1:2    Business Economics -I and II
1:3    Accountancy & Financial Management – I and II
1:4    Foundation Course – I and II
1:5    Mathematics & Statistical Techniques- I and II
1:6    Business Communication- I and II
1:7    Environmental Studies -I and II

S. Y. B. Com (sem I and sem II )

2:1    Commerce – Paper II
2:2    Business Economics – Paper - II
2:3    Accountancy & Financial                                    Management – Paper II
2:4    Foundation Course – Paper - II                       (Human Rights)
2:5    Business Law
2:6    Applied Component: Advertising

2:7  Financial Accounting & Auditing –                 Paper III (Management Accounting)


 2.7 Business Management – Paper III                   (Principles of Management)

T. Y. B. Com (sem I and sem II )

3:1    Commerce Paper III
3:2    Business Economics Paper -III
3:3    Special Group

a) Financial Accounting & Auditing – Paper I (Financial Accounting)

b) Financial Accounting & Auditing – Paper II (Costing & Auditing)c)

b) Business Management – Paper II (Financial Management)

c) Business Management – Paper III (Marketing Management)
4:4    Applied Component (Any Two)

a) Export Marketing

b) Direct & Indirect Taxes

c) Computer System & Applications


Requirements for the Admission to the F.Y.B.Com from the ICSE / CBSE / Other than Maharashtra Board

  • Original Marksheet with three Xerox copies

  • Original Migration Certificate with two Xerox copies

  • OriginalPass Certificate with Two attested Xerox copies & one without Attestation.

  • Transfer Certificate with two Xerox copies

  • Latest four passport size photographs

  • Provisional Eligibility Certificate

Requirements for the Admission to the F.Y.B.Com from the HSC students

  • Original HSC Marksheet with five xerox copies

  • Original Leaving Certificate with two copies

  • Latest four passport size photographs

Documents Required

1    Admission form in original (Green colour).
2    Original Marksheet of XIIth Std. along with four attested Photocopies.
3    Photocopy of Xth Std. Marksheet
4    Leaving Certificate with two attested Photocopies.
5    Migration Certificate and Pass Certificate with two attested Photocopies (other than Maharashtra Board Students).
6    Four passport size photographs.
7    Leaving Certificate with two attested Photocopies.
8    Leaving Certificate with two attested Photocopies.
9    Leaving Certificate with two attested Photocopies.

Requirement for IB Board

A student from another University or Board of Secondary or Intermediate Education or any other statutory examining body seeking admission to this University shall apply to the Registrar of University of Mumbai for a Certificate of Eligibility.

Such students will be admitted to the deemed class only if they have obtained the Provisional Certificate of Eligibility from the Registrar, University of Mumbai for that class. For final confirmation of Eligibility students should submit the following certificates in original, along with a copy of :

1. Original Mark Sheet.

2. Original Passing Certificate.

3. Original Migration Certificate.

Students whose admission is provisional should note that if their admission isnot finally confirmed by the Registrar, University of Mumbai, their terms kept for the academic year shall be treated as null and void and they will not be allowed to appear at the final examination. Foreign students will have to show documentary evidence of conversion of their visa in addition to the above said conditions for eligibility.

Students seeking transfer from one College to another during the academic year are required to submit a NOC and further Transference Certificate and the Marks Certificate showing marks obtained at the First Term Examination conducted by the earlier College.

In the event of a student getting transferred from one College to anotherwithin the University of Mumbai, the marks secured by the candidate atthe end of the first term examination in the original College, shall bebinding on the candidate and on the College to which the candidate is transferred. Further a student migrating from another University tothis University for joining the Second Year Course need not be requiredto appear and pass the First Year Examination of this University if eligibility is granted by the Mumbai University to the class of admission.

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